Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birth of an idea

Cinema has been a part of my life since I was barely walking.  In his youth, my father worked showing films in a small town theatre and as I grew up he was always quick to bring the newest technology home so we could see movies in the best way possible.  Honestly, we didn't go to the theatre that often. I began doing that on my own in high school.  And I could dissect a film like no one else.  Naturally, I studied filmmaking in college.  The thought of doing anything else seemed absurd.

All through school (high school on) I made my movies and wrote my scripts under the name "Kaizen Films".  I even had a website under the name for a few years.  So when I lost that website to a British company who, to my knowledge (and IMDb's), only made one film then bailed on the name, the website, etc...but still own the copyright...naturally, I was frustrated.  I have played with a dozen other production company names and none ever stuck...but I never wanted to just slap my name on them.  It seemed too vain for an art form that is entirely about collaboration.

So, "As Yet Unnamed Films" was born.

The idea has been here.  The passion, the drive, the love of film.  But it has never had a satisfactory'm not naming it, and in not naming it, I have.  Follow? *smile*  Excellent.

I hope that this will not be as short lived, or shorter than Kaizen was.  My dream would be that it is as long lasting (and more so) than my love and passion for film has been.

Truthfully...I don't care what people call it, as long as they think it's good.

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