Friday, November 18, 2011

Pre-Production In Half Swing

Pre-Production is often the longest portion of making any film.  Some films go decades from the first conception of the idea to when the cameras and lights finally turn on.  If all equations resolve in our favor, this one won't take even a tenth of that amount of time.  We are off to an okay start but there is still a LOT to be done.

So a lot of planning has been going on behind the scenes.  I'm looking for actors to commit to the film.  Some of the networks I will be reaching out to will be through various casting call posting boards and local Steampunk groups, such as The Seattle Steamrats.

My co-Producer and I have been considering our options for location shoots vs. sets.  It comes down to money and availability (of course).  Our original location plans have fallen through but we are still on the look out for possible spots.  While sets are not impossible, they may prove to seem less authentic which will push the film into a more abstract aesthetic. Worked for Von Trier...but...let's not place the weight of those expectations on me just yet.

The budget we have available for the making of this film is very close to $0.00.   We are working hard to make use of the resources we have and purchase as little as possible.  This does, however, mean hunting for junk, borrowing items and finding unpolished gems at thrift stores and swap meets.  Thankfully Exec. Pro. E-- recently came across a few fundraising sites that welcome art endeavors.  So that may come in very handy.

The crew is coming together quicker than the cast, which is just as well.  I'd rather have a solid foundation for the actors to stand on.  One key contributor is our Soundtrack Composer, Kerry Bollinger.  I have already heard her initial samples and they are fantastic.  She has really captured the mood and the characters already with having no more than the script.  It's a little unorthodox to have a soundtrack before having a film, but that is how I do most everything.  I think hearing it will help the actors to capture the proper elements and really bring the entire atmosphere of the film together.

I will post again when I have casting information available.  Anyone in the Seattle, WA area interested in collaborating can email me or sign up for the newsletter (at right).  The film synopsis is below.   That's all for now!

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