Saturday, September 15, 2012

Still Kickin' About

Usually I am the Queen of Unfinished Projects.  So far, at least where AYU is concerned, I am the Empress of Never-Started.  So many ideas, and so little to work with.  While yes film is cheaper and easier to do than ever and I have a fair quality camera, I have few people at my disposal with an interest in acting (myself included,) and no money with which to pay anyone, or pay for anything.  My major fault in this is that my imagination is too big.  It does not do well with constraint and I seem unable to conceive anything within my means.  I find this to be a rather shameful disability.  The amusing thing is that I have several scripts that require so few people, it is really other aspects that make it costly or difficult.  I shall show you:

PANCHREST:  psychological thriller
length: approx 30min cast: 2
problem: period piece = $ (costumes/sets)
GRACE AND THE MOUNTAIN: suspenseful character piece
length: approx 30min
cast: 3 main + 1 supporting
problem: period piece = $ (costumes/sets)
INFINITE CHASE: psychological thriller
length: approx 30min
cast: 2
problem: period piece = $ (costumes/sets)
RUSTY BLADE: suspenseful character piece, some action
length: full feature
cast: 20+ (includes extras)
problem: set in Philadelphia (written while living there), areas requiring filming permits = $$$$$
BIRD OF PREY:  character piece
length: approx 60min
cast: 2 main + smattering of extras
problem:  road film/ desert setting = $$
IRIS ANTIDOTE:  campy 60s sci-fi spoof
length approx 60min
cast:  10+
problem: costumes/sets/effects = $$$
THE DOORS:  thriller
length: approx 20min
cast: 2
problem: no longer have access to apt film was written for, started filming, was unable to complete = dead

There have been a few other brain-stormed stories, even two web-series but it came down to the same: actors and petty cash.  There are a few other shorts laying about, a few feature length...but no feasible projects as of yet.

AYU Films is certainly not dead yet, but it is barely treading water at the moment.  I am hoping to get myself in a better position (both financially and socially) where i have a better network of people to draw from and access to more expendable income.  One can only hope that Carissa Starr Photography will be a boost in that direction, but we shall see.

Not giving up hope and definitely aiming to try harder, work harder, and maybe learn to scale my imagination back a bit so I can get SOMETHING in the can.  While not a film, my recent art show allowed for me to film the painter Shannon A. Smith at work.  We'll see if I can edit something beautiful out of that to give her work justice. *wink*

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