Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Infinite Chase

And by Infinite Chase, I don't just mean the perpetual fox-hunt for a project that will stick! This time, I mean INFINITE CHASE, a psychological thriller that is a study of both domestic violence and madness. A short film about a young couple spiraling out of control. Is it an allegory for mental illness or is it a surreal summation of the headspin that is domestic violence? Hopefully, it is both, but more over - compelling as hell.

After the recent release of  "Colors"  we are eager to work on a larger project, and I am eager to NOT be in front of the camera this time!  I have years of acting experience, but I discovered with "Colors" that I am not a fan of trying to act and direct.  One is an emotional frame of mind and the other is purely technical.  For me, the two are difficult to juggle.  SO, on this one, we are looking to cast experienced actors (or at least incredibly talented newbies!) so that I can stay behind the camera and focus on the vision.  This is a challenging script that will require some real balance and measure.

Thankfully, my co-producer on this one (Josef Stremick, also an actor and filmmaker of training!), has secured us a location for it (Everett, WA), which has been the prolonging hang-up on "Grace and the Mountain."  So we are more than excited to move forward.

The basic notes:

cast: 2, one male, one female between the ages of 20 and 35
length: 25-page script, aprox 30min run time
genre: modern day psychological thriller
Job Tesauro has returned from a 3 year tour over seas.  A young, fit military man eager to start a life with his sweet, long standing girlfriend, Chastity Fowler (or Chase, for short.)  He comes to her home to surprise her with his return and to propose.  Time keeps slipping and while Chase is caught in a bizarre loop, time repeats for her, but for Job each recurring moment builds as if it is entirely new and predicated upon the last.  Chase is left spinning in a terrifying whirlwind of madness, while Job goes from doting fiance to suspicious lover. Suspicion turns violent and only one of them will survive the seemingly infinite nightmare.

In the process of casting right now. So if you or someone you know thinks they fit the age requirement and can manage both affection (there is kissing and cuddling), but is also comfortable with on screen violence and a fake gun, then by all means - drop us a line!  Also, anyone with an interest in special effects who wants to come rig some squibs, that'd be great too!

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