Saturday, March 25, 2017

This Strange Journey of Transmedia and AYU

The landscape here has been quiet. Most of my focus has been poured into balancing two major projects, one of which will eventually utilize AYU Films. That project is a transmedia project called Vector H+, at the core of which is a novel. The novel is in the editing stages now and from that hub there are already off-shoots of short stories and comic book scripts ready for art. Early concept plans are developing for a Twine RPG game and a series of short film scripts. Discussion is being had over whether one particular aspect of the story universe is better served in a web/tv/anime series form or comic book serial before scripting for that starts. All that has been decided is that serial format seems to suit it best.

Through sponsorship on my Patreon, I have been able to complete the novel and some of the off shoot scripts/short stories, and continue to work on the other parts. My goal is to build toward developing a website hub to feature the entire project, making everything available. Some will be free, some downloadable for a donation, and some (like the novel) can potentially be purchased in hardcopy formats. My goal is to crowdfund through Patreon so I can connect with other artists who can also gain sponsorship and I can then afford to pay via my patrons' generosity to enable the collaboration and creation of the comics, graphic novels, website design and... as it pertains to AYU, ultimately, the cinematic aspects of the project.

To get a better idea of what Vector H+ is about, you can read the prologue to the novel, and the publically-shared short stories on my patreon.  Word of warning, I write mature content, some of which can be sensitive to readers. Please be your own advocate and proceed knowing this.

Novel Prologue - PDF Download (NSFW: contains violence and some content of a harsh nature, no sex however.)

Short stories:  Ghosts Not Real   and   Navaja

The rest of the novel work-in-progress chapters and comic scripts have been reserved for Patron-eyes-only or for members of my beta-reader blog. If you would like to be a beta reader, feel free to contact me. This entails more than just getting to read stuff others don't get to see. It is a volunteer role, offering to assist me in improving my work with in-depth critiques. In return, you and I can discuss how I can help you out too.

For the time being, I won't bore you with how yet another film project slipped through my weak AYU fingers. (It would have been in Japan, and SO cool... *sigh* but so it goes.) I will instead, hopefully be able to post more in the future as I reconnect with more film colleagues, make new ones and try to steer this transmedia beast in the right direction. It's a journey. I don't have a map and my compass has always been wonky. I'm just going to keep going and see what I find. If I did things like everyone else, how boring would that be anyway?

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